What are the fishing regulations?

Let's keep it legal!  The Bahamian government as well as the natives pride themselves on being very serious and enforcing the fishing regulations.



     Cruisers must use only hook and line with no more than six (6) rigs in the water at any one time.  Spear guns of any type are illegal in the Bahamas.  Pole spears and Hawaiian slings may be used while free diving.  SCUBA divers may take only pictures.  NO spearing or shelling may be done while wearing SCUBA gear.  Nets used for fishing must have a minimum gauge of two inches.
 Bag Limit

     The bag limit for Kingfish, Dolphin and Wahoo is a maximum combined total of six (6) fish per person on the vessel, comprising any combination of the species.  Per vessel bag limits for other species are:  20 pounds of scale fish, 10 conch and 6 crawfish per person anytime.  The possession of Turtle is prohibited.  Bill Fish are an endangered species, please release immediately.
It is illegal...

To Take any member of the grouper family weighing less then three (3) pounds.
To use a spear within 200 yards of any island or Cay.
To take any live sea fans, corals or starfish anywhere in the Bahamas.
To take a conch that does not have a well-formed lip.
To take crawfish other than during the season which is August 1 thru March 31.
To take crawfish with a tail less than five and one half (5 1/2) inches.
To take female crawfish with eggs.
To sell fish or crawfish without a license.
To use firearms or explosives for fishing.
To use bleach or other noxious substances for fishing.

Just diving and looking are permitted in the restricted zones of:

Pelican Cays Land and Sea Park in the vicinity of North Bar Channel
Fowel Cay Preserve between Man-O-War and Scotland Cay
Guana Cay N.W. Point National Park
Mermaid Reef off of Pelican Shores near the Jib Room

     Do not purchase crawfish from locals during the off season.  The Government of the Bahamas is very serious about enforcing their fishing regulations.  Stiff penalties, including confiscation of your vessel, may be levied for simple possession of undersized, out of season, or prohibited items.